We are a consulting firm, established in Hamburg in 1993. We advise companies and their foundations, organisations of international cooperation and their project partners worldwide, as well as policy, public administration and civil society actors in Germany.


    We work across sectors in the design and implementation of change processes, organisational and personnel development, strategy and management consulting, as well as impact monitoring and evaluation. Since 2007, we regularly offer a one-year OD training for consultants.  


    Como advises in the areas of state and society, the environment and climate, and economics and sustainability.


Knowing what works: GIZ’s quality assurance model put to test

Over a period of 18 months Como Consult evaluated one of the quality assurance models of the GIZ, called „Qualitätssicherung in Linie“ which roughly tranlsates to „quality assurance in line“. It was examined how minimum standards of GIZ’s quality assurance program were implemented in international projects. Further it was analysed whether the instruments were suitable meausures to ensure continued performance-improvement in project implementation. You will find the full report here once its been publsihed.


AfricaWorks: From Brain Drain to Brain Gain

One oft the biggest economic challenges that the continent of Africa has been facing lately is the loss of highly skilled professionals to countries outside of Africa. The movement of young talents going abroad, and taking their creativity and expertise with them has a weakening effect for the inner-african labour market. Berlin start-up AfricaWorks turns around the brain-drain-phenomenon by connecting African talent and experts trained in Europe with international companies and those registered in Africa. This contributes to strenghten local economic development.


Recommendations for the peace process in Colombia

On 10 July, a forum was held in the Meta region of Colombia, attended by more than 80 people, including many civil society representatives. The regional peace development was discussed as well as the formation of the network of local actors supporting the peace process, which was only founded the day after. Berghof Foundation and Como Consult supported the forum as part of the ProPaz program, which is run by the German Corporation for International Cooperation. Have a look at the photos.

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