Our Services

We deal with organisational and personnel development, strategy and management consulting, designing and implementing change processes and impact monitoring and evaluation across all sectors. Since 2007, we have had a one-year training course for organisational consultants.


    We see consulting as creating a helpful relationship. We advise individuals, teams, organisations and complex cooperation systems. We believe that consulting is particularly helpful when it strengthens the client's self-regulation forces and therefore their fundamentals as well.


    Showing evidence of improved performance has been gaining importance for years in public administration in Germany and abroad, as well as in international cooperation projects. In the public sector, it has been accompanied by an effort to become more efficient and by the implementation of management approaches.


    We are convinced that organisations and people that we advise must embrace the change processes that are initiated and monitored. In our discussions, it is therefore important to us that space is created to enable learning.


    Questions of political field design and the development of change options and change potential have been raised in many areas of society. Concrete examples are the exploration of synergies of the political fields of international cooperation and foreign trade.


    We see coaching as a useful "reflective partnership" (W. Looss) that a safe environment provides the "coachee" a place to work on professional concerns and challenges.


    Facilitation is our daily craft. We facilitate team, department and leadership exercises. In coordination with our customers, we develop custom-made formats, appropriate for each upcoming event.


    We participate in tenders for the implementation of projects and long-term consulting processes, both at home and abroad. Also, our work in this area employs the approach of systemic organisational development.


    After many years in the consulting field at home and abroad, we would like to pass on our experience to interested consultants and practitioners and expand our network. We, therefore, offer regular in-service training courses, which include the main challenges in organisational and process consulting.

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