Development Partnerships

In the past two decades developing and emerging economies have gained enormous importance through economic globalisation processes as production sites, procurement and sales markets for international companies and are increasingly involved in international value chains. At the same time, international companies have become an important factor in the development process of these countries. Institutions of development cooperation are now using a variety of forms of cooperation with the private sector in order to realise the existing potential for synergies.

Development partnerships are a specific form of cooperation in concrete projects that build on overlapping of public and private goals and in which all partners involved bring in their unique contributions. Development partnerships are funded by the German International Cooperation ( among others, but increasingly also originate in decentralised facilities and funds that are anchored to ministries or economic funding institutions for example.



Como advises both companies and development organisations in all the phases of strategy development, from the identification of suitable partners to concrete formulation of project concepts and proposals and their implementation. For employees of development organisations and their partner institutions, we conduct training courses and advise them to build regional or sector funds or funding programmes.


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