Innovation und Technology Transfer

Innovations are crucial for improving the competitiveness of companies and thus contributing to the increase of income and employment. A distinction is made between product and process innovations. An objective that is important for us is green growth, which is strongly driven by innovation. Resource efficiency as an important component of green growth is often achieved through product and process innovations; also social innovations that are being developed and made marketable by social enterprises play an increasing role in solving social challenges.

In addition to the creation of innovation systems, which accelerate the generation of independent innovation in a country, the transfer and successful use of technologies already implemented in other countries or sectors is important. To allow this technology expansion, especially in environmentally friendly technologies, which are necessary for the changeover to green growth trajectories, technology collaborations between technology givers and takers must be established. This requires designing corresponding legal and regulatory frameworks, strengthening the institutional environment and, where appropriate, accompanied by support programs in order to achieve rapid and high market penetration.


Como advises governments and relevant actors in the strategic aspects of innovation and technology cooperation policies and programmes. We place a special focus on the cooperation between government and businesses. In addition, we support and initiate technological cooperation particularly in the area of green technologies and advise social enterprises in their development and positioning in markets.


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