The design of the framework for a lively start-up scene and culture is one of the central challenges of economic development in Germany and in partner countries of international cooperation. Although surveys and analyses of barriers and funding needs regularly have similar findings (insufficient information, excessive bureaucracy, financial problems, legal issues, etc.), in direct talks with companies that slowly outgrow the pioneering phase, usually other factors to success are mentioned in the foreground: a dedicated founding team with competences that complement each other, a good discussion and meeting culture, an inspiring and diverse environment, efficient networks.

Besides the obvious challenges of developing a viable business idea and getting the idea financed and implemented on the market, other factors seemed to come into play related to the start-up itself as an organisation, its business environment and cooperation management, the management team and the resulting organisational culture.


We design programmes (Strategy Development) and advise organisations aimed at promoting business start-ups and start-up aid for young companies and take these factors into account. We support start-ups directly, from the initial idea to the "pioneering phase" (Organisational Development). One focus is on constructive, functional and "nourishing" communication structures and relationships in the founding team (Teambuilding, Teamcoaching) as well as the design of conditions and environment in connection with urban and regional development.


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