Regional Development

Approaches to economic development generally differ according to whether the economic systems under consideration are confined territorially or by sector or whether the approaches are applied in combination (e.g., cluster support). Regional development can make reference to a state, a province, a municipality, or a city. The goal is a sustainable increase in competitiveness and the creation of jobs and income. Instruments include the establishment of a friendlier business and investment climate, regional marketing, investment promotion, the improvement of services for existing businesses, support for business start-ups and cooperation between government and industry in the field of innovation and technology.


We help local governments and relevant actors in the classical topics of investment, subsistence and enterprise promotion. By regional development we mean a process that must be actively designed (Cooperation Management with Capacity WORKS) with an emphasis on the dialogue between public and private actors and civil society. We design programs (Strategy Development) and advise projects and organisations aimed at promoting regional development processes, even in combination with other approaches to economic development (Value Chains). We review the achievement of objectives and effectiveness (Studies and Evaluations).


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