Trade Development and Support

A major part of world trade is now generated by goods and services exchanged in trans-national value chains. Looking at growth and employment objectives, it is of great relevance for all countries to be integrated in these chains. In this context, trade development should therefore be increasingly measured on concepts and tools for an effective integration in them. Important aspects for successful integration are promoting local surrounding conditions, compliance with quality, environmental and social standards as well as access, networking and contacts in relevant markets in addition to the overall competitiveness of the companies themselves.
This represents the changing demands on the performance and objectives of trade promotion and should be considered in the further development of affected political fields with trade promotional structures and individual instruments. In economic cooperation trade is conceptually introduced as a crosscutting topic into the different emphases such as sustainable economic development, good governance and climate. This ensures that all possible integration of effective aspects are covered in the support framework. In German foreign trade promotion, trade is also increasingly perceived as a vehicle for integration. In this respect, support frameworks are increasingly sector-oriented and/or cluster-oriented, and applied along strategic value processes.


Como advises and supports actors in trade development at home and abroad in the design of measures in trade promotion policy, in the strengthening of institutional structures and in the embedding of measures in relevant cooperation landscapes. This includes the process-based setup of governance structures, knowledge management and concepts for impact assessment. Here, Como operates at different levels with the actors in trade promotion, such as in ministries, chambers, downstream institutions and economic development projects.


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