Sustainable Supply Chains

Production in globally active companies ("global players") passes through a variety of stages in the creation of value, often in different production sites in different countries. Commonly, at the same time, there are other suppliers and subcontractors involved in the production process. This makes it difficult for global companies to discover possible irregularities and non-compliance with the minimum social and environmental standards at supplier companies and other production sites.
There is an increased demand for re-traceability within the supply chain both from consumers as well as from political and civil societies. We see the sustainable supply chain design as expressing corporate responsibility based on perceived practical experience (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR), which is not satisfied solely by sustainability reports alone. An instrument that is broadly accepted in this context is the introduction of sustainability standards and related certifications / verifications that are to be considered as proof of active and successful sustainability management within the supply chain.


We design and support entrepreneurial initiatives and projects within the framework of international cooperation for the introduction, optimisation and evaluation of sustainability management in international supply chains. We assist companies in the necessary internal change processes in order to make sustainability management a practiced part of their corporate culture.
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