Project Management

Project management encompasses the diverse tasks required to implement a project: strategy development and planning, personnel management, budget management, handling risks, documentation and knowledge management, and the development of monitoring systems. As advisors, we encounter projects of varying types, from individual projects in organisations to projects that are implemented in a cooperation system as well as those in large programmes with several component projects. The management of these projects must meet the needs of each project’s unique characteristics and challenges. Accordingly, our consultation does not follow a given model, but centres on the project managers and teams and their concerns. Above all, project management includes a set of executive responsibilities that demand special skills from their project managers. This is especially true in politically sensitive contexts, when dealing with multicultural teams or in projects in distant locations. In addition, a project’s control tasks can involve project staff and people from other departments or other organisations, such as those implemented by a network of organisations. Therefore, we advise not only focusing on the project, its goal and efficient use of resources, but also on involving the people working on the project, and the organisation and environment where the project takes place. In doing so, we also employ our experience in the project implementation.


One one hand, we advise on the various individual aspects of project management mentioned above. In doing so, we pay particular attention to their integration into the entire project cycle and the influence that alterations in one subsection can have on the entire project. On the other hand, we guide project managers and teams over a longer period of time with techniques and approaches that are appropriate for the respective project phase.

  • Long-term methodical guidance of project managers and teams

  • Strategy development and project planning

  • Risk analysis and scenario development

  • Personell management and development

  • Team development and conflict management within teams

  • Feasibilty studies

  • Knowledge management

  • Monitoring systems

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