Organisational Development Training

After many years in the consulting practice at home and abroad, we would like to pass on our experience to interested consultants and practitioners and expand our network. Therefore, since 2007, we have offered regular in-service training courses in Hamburg, which include the main challenges of organisational and process consulting. Due to popular demand from our international clients, we also started to offer similar training courses in other countries and regions a few years ago. We are convinced: those who want to design change processes must be willing to let their "selves" be distressed and be open to the risk of their own changes. That is why in this training course, we would like to offer a protected space to experiment and learn creatively.

Training Goals

  • Get to know your personality and attitude as a consultant more deeply and develop it.
  • Learn the fields of activity of organisational and process consulting.
  • Understand different consulting approaches and try them out and apply them in situations.
  • Learn the building blocks of organisational consulting, such as clarification of assignments and roles, intervention planning and process design, and use them in different situations.
  • Learn various methods and gain confidence in their implementation.
  • Increase ability to converse reflectively and constructively.

Learning Forms
We offer various forms of learning both inside and outside the training modules: within the modules, we work with practical examples out of the experience of the trainers and participants, and with the dynamics of the group. We pay special attention to the personality and awareness skills of the participants. Outside the modules, the work is self-organised with personal learning goals and small groups that are supervised externally. We assist in the acquisition of practical projects. At the end of the training, the personal learning journey is described in a thesis. Beyond the training course, we want to include interested participants in our consultant network.

Our international orientation allows us to adapt our "Western" consulting approaches to intercultural contexts, making them useful in a real sense. The training provides consulting expertise on four levels: individuals, teams, organisations and networks/collaborations. We understand learning and consulting as a holistic process that requires more than just intellectual abilities. In all modules, therefore, we work with designs that promote creativity and awareness.


Our training has been certified by Weiterbildung Hamburg



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