Creating good jobs and income is fundamental for successfully reducing poverty. Creating employment that satisfies the needs of the employer and the market, as well as giving a chance for personal development of the employed is a central problem for economic development and social participation. The fight against child labor and the challenges of changing lifestyles and work styles play an increasingly important role.
An effective vocational education system is elementary for promoting employment, based on labour market requirements. I.e. the existence of functional and coherent structures for basic and advanced skills development, allowing a successful start to professional careers as well as long-term career planning. Furthermore, a lack of qualified employees often is a mayor constraint for companies to further develop their businesses. Therefore, the demands of an employer and the reality of the future employee should both be considered. In terms of a sustainable economic development, social aspects like inclusion, anti-discrimination, equality, job security and job standards are equally important to us as well. At last, we regard labour conditions as a decisive factor of whether or not the economic development of a place or nation can be seen as successful.


We support and advise different public institutions (vocational training schools, Universities, municipalities and ministries) as well as private actors in creating the necessary political framework conditions to harmonize supply and demand of qualified personnel. We pay special attention to improving cooperation, exchange of ideas and a shared conception of measures and reforms. The further development of existing programs is also important. In doing this, intersections in other fields become visible e.g. entrepreneurship, digitalization or migration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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